Hi Toulimen, you are a blessing blogger on this blog. Haiti...

Karl Jean - December 30 2010, 12:56 PM

Hi Toulimen, you are a blessing blogger on this blog. Haiti cannot move forward if we do not solve the following problems as stated in your posting.

1. Creation of three political parties financed by taxpayers and the state of Haiti.

2. Creation of a Network News Agency financed by taxpayers and the state of Haiti.

3. The return of the peasants to agricultural lands to protect businesses in the capital and other cities.

Uneducated Haitians citizens should live in rural areas in Haiti to cultivate lands to boost our agricutural production.

the regions' autonomy

5. Strengthen the Haitian private sector to create jobs in other regions of Haiti and speed up with the removal of all factories in Port-Au-Pce.

6. Create a national school curriculum and decentralize all Haitian schools to create more jobs. Divide K-12 schools to three different schools and eliminate the rethoric and philosophy fruitless classes.

Provide subsidies and loans to all Universities in Haiti and make them become Haiti State University (Half Private and Half Public).

7. Restore the Haitian electoral colleges and also the 5 administrative divisions of Haiti before Duvalier.

We need to remove all Duvalier's legacies to change Haiti for real...

8. Create strong institutions to promote women's rights and opt for an egalitarian society.

9. Transform Haiti peacefully through an egalitarian social revolution to bring decency and sanity to all Haitians.

10. Reform churches, administrations and restore the Haitian Army to protect businesses and lives as welll...


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