President Preval is a traitor and he should be judged for his...

Pwenfepa - December 15 2010, 9:15 PM

President Preval is a traitor and he should be judged for his crimes against the nation.For him to pull this Jude Celestin character out of his hat and try and impose him as president, shows that Preval is not playing with a full deck.
I am sorry for this country but unfortunately the people chose him four years ago over a more qualified individual like Leslie Manigat, as old as he may be today.

Unfortunately, we keep making poor choices by electing the best manipulators and the more moneyed people as opposed to electing people who could really put this country on the path of development.

We all know what needs to be done, we need to get rid of all these losers from the old school, thieves like Aristide, Preval and most of the big mouths that we all know, to bring in new blood, new people with new thinking, new attitudes and new ideas.

Everybody in Haiti seems to think that to get into goverment and make millions of dollars overnight is a virtue and an achievement in itself.

As long as we are not ready to put the corrupted politicians like Preval and his accomplices in jail, then we'll never be a country in the real sense of the term.

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