Duvalier's Legacy In Haiti: Direct Vote With Uneducated Hatians

Toulimen - December 13 2010, 6:44 PM

Duvalier Jean-Claude should have the right to return to Haiti to live before he dies with his leukemia disease.

Haiti is using his father legacies to move the country backward for Haitians are not ready to embrace civilizations yet as they were under his father rule. Duvalier father was the one to eliminate the Haitian Electoral College with the Great Electors to replace it by direct vote from the uneducated people.

The Haitian bourgeoisie is suffering with those uneducated people that want to run the country for there is a lack of leadership in Haiti.

A competent leader should return the Haitian people as concentrated within the cities to the rural areas to make them work and develop the cultivable lands to feed others.

They should leave in the cities only educated Haitians i.e. doctors, engineers, teachers, students and professionals and so on. It is time to return the peasants to their lands to make them work and they will stop destroying roads, bridges, businesses and schools as well.

Uneducated people belong rural areas and not cities.

Duvalier was the one to bring them in the cities to support his regime against the Haitian bourgeoisie and that is where the pain comes from. In China, all uneducated people and peasants live in the rural cities and if they come to the cities to live they get arrested and returned to their rural places.

Farmers belong to their farms and nowhere else. Uneducated people belong to rural areas and not in the cities.

To develop Haiti, we should remove the uneducated people in the capital and in the cities as well. To do, we should create agricultural and factory jobs in rural areas to make them leave the capital and the cities and from there peace will come again.

The Haitian bourgeoisie should step up and clear the streets of Haiti.

They should remove all the factories in Port-Au-Pce and send them in rural areas to make those uneducated people return to their initial places.

In the cities, we should build a lot of schools to get children under 18 years of age enrolled in schools.

We should have 4 different schools and school boards as well running our cities.

We should have K to 6 schools followed, middle schools, high schools and junior high schools.

We should have vocational schools, community colleges and universities for those who want to further their education.

We can have our own economic development plan based on agriculture, education and other services and our model should not be the advanced countries' models.

We can develop our own and unique model to make life comes back again.

For those who are happy with those uneducated people running our capital and cities as well I will tell them that they are wrong and the legacy of the Duvaliers should come to an end to liberate Haiti.

Haiti never looks like that before 1957 and with Duvalier and Preval, Haiti looks like hell. Can we make Preval the last Duvalieriste in power?

We should start a social revolution in Haiti to transform Haiti and it should start with the removal of those uneducated people to rural areas, the return of a new Haitian Army, the elimination of 131 political parties to three financed and organized political parties, the creation of more unskilled jobs in rural areas, the removal of factories in Port-Au-Pce, the creation of three highways and more schools and the return of the Haitian electoral college...

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Mezanmi Souple says...

Moin pa komprann, pouki ayitien refuse ekri ou pale kreyol, ou du moins fran more »

Toulimen says...

Haiti can have a partial bilingual like in America. If a community in Haiti has 51% of its residents speaking French, there you can have a bilingual... more »

Mezanmi Souple says...

ou ap promouvoir KREYOL an ANGLAIS???????????????/ contradictory, my man.AL FE YON TI REFLECHI! more »

Toulimen says...

Ou pa menm ka ekri kreyol se sa ki fe ou di map fe promosyon kreyol nan lang angle. Mwen pale e ekri tout lang yo eske sa fe mwen pi konnen pase ou... more »

Mezanmi Souple says...

Ou ap fe bruit san rezon, ki bo moin defen france? Vous n'avez qu'a lire mon premier commentaire... ayitien toujou gin folie pale angle, Ou ekri... more »

Allll says...

sa moin rimmin ak haitian yo intelektuel min yo pa intelektuel puo peyi yo. yo ap lonje min sou gouvenment min yo pap demare ak yon jan pou kreye... more »

Neg Lakay says...

Dear You had one who truly wanted to create jobs for the Country. Mem nou mem Haitians pa gou diol nou. Nou kite yon bon citoyen tankou Charles... more »

Karl Jean says...

Hi Toulimen, you are a blessing blogger on this blog. Haiti cannot move forward if we do not solve the following problems as stated in your posting... more »