This fall, Convoy of Hope will break ground on a 35,000...

Bob Shook - December 11 2010, 12:26 PM

This fall, Convoy of Hope will break ground on a 35,000- square- foot warehouse just outside of Port-au-Prince- which will hold up to six million meals.

Currently they feed 21,000 school children daily.

Samaritan's Purse under Franklin Graham's leadership
feed hundred's of thousands of people, undernourished-most of them children and women on a daily basis.

Franklin Graham who was a rebel against his dad's
religious faith, turned to God. The last twenty years he has reached out with food, medical supplies and housing around the world for the one billion people malnourished and sick and dying.

Rev. Franklin Graham is asking for Sarah Palin's help in focusing the world's attention on the desperate plight of the Haitian people.

Let's join with them in support financially and in our prayers for the people of Haiti.

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