get rid of haitian thief

Willams Paul - December 14 2010, 9:02 AM

iwould like toknow ifthe eu or the american embassy in haiti are ready to understand the position of us haitian people it is funny the way those instance are tryng to force on us their way of solving the problem of our society at the same time keeping those thieves to organize election in the country when i said thieves from rene preval to the kep judge lawer all of them need to be put in jail what will it take for the international parties torealise that we do not need those thieves to even feed our dog as long as those dogs are on the show there wonttbe no peace if the eu want to solve the problem take those thieves out the picture consulte the civilian society for the essence of the hatian you been advised

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Patricia says...

Breaking news Martelly is president sak pa kontan anbake! Judgement is coming. more »