You are lost Middy. With no forgiveness Haiti cannot become...

Toulimen - December 14 2010, 3:43 PM

You are lost Middy.

With no forgiveness Haiti cannot become prosperous again.

Former Haitian slaves were captured by Europeans in Africa and some were sold by their own ancestors too. We need to put that sad part of history aside and envision what can unite us with Africa than what can divide us. As Haitians we are Afro-Haitians and only mulattoes are Creoles and can talk this way. The mulattoes are the true Haitian Creoles and they were born in Hispaniola and not in Africa.

I am pretty sure that they will not betray Africa with their 50% of African blood into their veins.

Middy, 70% of your Creole language comes from Bambara, Bemba, Berber, Fulani, Igbo, Bayaka, and Akan to name a few and how can you contradict such a fact?

Africa is our roots and we cannot develop our country without this rich cultural contribution that Africa has given us throughout our history.

The food that we eat is originated from the African continent and all the trees and the Creole pigs destroyed by some American destroyers after the Duvalier's departure can be back again if we ask some African countries to help us replenish.

The acacia trees and the Creole pigs can be back again and there is hope to develop Haiti again.

Please put your anger aside and see what is good for Haiti.

We have been excluded from a Cultural Association of French Speaking countries that we have helped buildt in the 1900s and now we have been given the status of auditor where we cannot exchange our ideas because of our weak rate of 15% of Haitians speaking french; and now we should do something.

We have been humiliated by those countries and if we have to communicate our ideas in their meeting we should use the voice of Martinique, Guadeloupe or even Louisiana a U.S. state with its rate of 65% of Louisiana residents speaking french in the U.S. Should we stay in their association?

Should Haiti continue to be humiliated again Marjory?

We should opt for what can work and the Creole language is the major part of this process ok. Do you like insult than pride?

Be Haitian and Africa cannot be forgotten nor putting aside in our cultural economic development.

All other languages in Haiti should be given the second language status as all organized countries do and that will be done in Haiti.

Chirac said that Haiti was not colonized by France and Haiti is not a french country and we should welcome his ideas and that should be an opportunity for all of us to be Haitians with our own and unique Creole language instead of being lost french citizens in Haiti.

I hope you understand it and with all due respect I firmly believe that you will not accept insult over pride.

Peace be with you!

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