That's an unfair statement. There are many of us in the U.S...

Paul Cormier - December 8 2010, 8:30 AM

That's an unfair statement.

There are many of us in the U.S. that spend all of our spare money to help Haiti.

I've personally started a school, triaged and administered first aid to over 300 Haitians in Leogane immediately following the earthquake.

I just thank God that he allowed me to survive and continue to help the Haitian people.

My goal is to provide education to those kids who can't afford to go to school.

To teach right from wrong; to teach that it is better to give than receive.

Greed is the root cause of evil. Let's do what we can to improve the future and quit blaming those who have destroyed our past. They will eventually suffer without our help. I know my foundation has made a difference over the past 15 years.

Although we've had many setbacks, we continue to push ahead for a better future for this country.

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I'm a strong believer the results came out last night...

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