From a personal analysis, I think it's time that a president...

Tiba - November 27 2010, 7:27 AM

From a personal analysis, I think it's time that a president finally comes directly from the elite.

Understanding a little bit about "Human Behavior", psychologically speaking, people tend to react better and act more positively with those who share samularities with them.

And coming from the elite, Charles Henry Baker must understand the elite class well enough to rally them all to form a coalition that would help him move the country forward.

As a "white-mulatto", I'm sure the international community would feel more comfortable communicating with him in a more constructive and progressive manner that will be more beneficial to Haiti.

This is what's called "Strength perspective" that Human Service Professionals used regularly in order to help change a person's life and situation, a community, or a country.

As a nation, it's time that we move away from this "Noirist" pride mentality and start looking for strengths in all Haitians who want to be leaders of our poor country in order to build on those strengths that are vital for our country's future.

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I agree with you.

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