Haitian people I know you have been sleeping for two hundred...

William Jusme - November 4 2010, 1:33 PM

Haitian people I know you have been sleeping for two hundred years.

Now it is time to wake up. On November 28, 2010 let's make history Vote CHARLES HENRI BAKER as the next president.

I hope that Baker can use someof the fine candidates in his administration.

Haitians let's stop fighting.

It will not take us anywhere.

It has been proven all over the world that fighting causes instability in every sector of human kind. A house divided can not prosper.

It is also true that a country divided can not prosper either.

Look at our sisters countries in Africa They have been fighting for years look where they are now. I have been in many countries in the European Continent.

None of them has a situation where that 50% or more of their population are illiterate.

Look at the African Continent.

What do you see?

over 50% of the population are illiterate.

The African Continent is a very rich continent in natural resources, but yet, the poorest continent economically.

Why is that?

Fighting and unstable government.

Look at Haiti.

We are rich in Human Resources and Natural Resources, buy yet, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Why is that: fighting and unstable government.

We keep blaming every body and every country for our mistakes and our failure to govern.

when are we going to realize that we are the problem?

what have you done for your country to move it forward?

The other question is what have you done to your country to destroy it. This is the dilemma facing our nation to day. We are blind.

We are subconsciously destroy our country without even knowing it. That is really bad. This is my report for today
we stay in touch.

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