At Gui comeau Well said... Baker has proven it to us more than...

Oli P - November 4 2010, 4:03 PM

at Gui comeau
Well said...

Baker has proven it to us more than enough especially in the past month.

It is during crisis we see the true colors of someone, and after katrina he was on a boat going around helping those on the roof of their homes, or those dying in the water.

During the earthquake his political party Respe had clinics setup all around Port-au-Prince to help those in need and during the Cholera, he was the first on the scene.

He knows agriculture well, he knows exactly how to give the people jobs which will boost the economy because for every person that gets a job, that means money spent in the economy and guess what, he will not take this money and put it in his pocket, he will invest in the people and the country.

I believe in Baker and no one else!

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