Focus on Haiti By Gauthier Saintilus 10/28/2010

Gauthier Saintilus - October 28 2010, 10:20 AM

Greetings to everyone!

Last July 15,2010, I wrote an assignment to the Haitian's media in Its title was "Mediocrity Prevention".

I addressed that issue to the politicians and Haitians who are concerned about Haiti.

I asked them to write a list of factors which cause Government Mediocrity.

Since that time, nobody replied on this topic.

The reason I brought this to the people attention is that destructive criticism without analysis doesn't make progress.

Instead of criticizing the mediocrity of the goverment, you should bring the solutions to prevent mediocrity in the future.

In order to reply to this topic, you should know how to write research paper on various topics like "Comparisons and Contrast", " Causes and Effects", and so on.

I declared this boldly, Government mediocrity will continue in Haiti, because of lock of knowlwdge.

Now, P have Government Mediocrity Prevention on DVD and CD. They are available upon your request.

Send your commande with a money order of $30 to Gauthier Saintilus P O Box 22735 Brooklyn, NY 11202.

Thank you.

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