HELLO DEAR, I admired your comment about Charles Henry Baker...

Gauthier Saintilus - October 28 2010, 11:01 AM


I admired your comment about Charles Henry Baker candidacy.

I like him a lot. Last Presidential Election of 2005, I wrote many articles about 2005 elections.

I sent a letter to almost every candidat.

Baker was the only one replied to me with a nice poem written in French.

That time, Luck Mesadieux said, "God doesn't involve in politic." Please read my topic " Mobilization for Democracy in Haiti" from Archives in 2005 elections.

My friends, read your Bible and see what God would do for Haiti.

I know one thing, when ordinary men can not solve problems of humanity, God would interven.

watch out for haiti.

I will write a comment about Baker in the future.

God leads and bless Haiti.

Response to:

There is absolutely no conspiracy going on in Haiti...

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