As a person who has lost hope for Haiti for the NEXT FIVE...

Miggy - October 10 2010, 11:32 PM

As a person who has lost hope for Haiti for the NEXT FIVE YEARS after they let Wyclef go. I have to admit that Baker has captured my attention.

I have heard Mr. Baker's audios.

To me, he came across AS GOOD but, NOT GREAT.

I can surely says that HE IS THE ONE TO CHOOSE among the rest of the candidates.

Listening to him led me to feel quite comfortable enough, where I would grant him TRUST with a lot of CAUTIONS though as always, because he was straight forward with all the answers to the questions that he decided to answer with great details.

I was very touched by a detail he gave, when he says that he would put a STORAGE PROGRAM from the communal to the neighborhoods for the peasants to store their crops for later sells to prevent the crops from going bad in order for the peasants not to loose money on all of their long hard work.
"That my friend is the symbol OF CARING".

You don't get details like that from presidential candidates.

An answer like that is usually offered from the mouths of their REPRESENTATIVES or SPOKE PERSON.

That's a SIGN OF HOPE here.

Although that Mr. Baker has answered HALF of my questions.

(That was nice! thank you)
I don't know if he somehow he forgot or did not have enough time, but he did not answer THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY QUESTIONS for Haiti.

1) the WELFARE SYSTEM for the poor and the dissabled
reason for the welfare system question is because, due to poverty and hunger.

That is why a welfare system is in place in all countries around the world in order to provide the basic needs like food, and shelter, clothings to their people in order to maintain THE BEST RESOURCES A COUNTRY CAN HAVE ARE "ITS PEOPLE" from dying from Malnutrition because of lack of money to buy foods to stay alive.

As we all know, not because someone is poor or disable means that they DO NOT HAVE A GREAT MIND OR POTENTIAL to become great leaders in life. The government must preserve Human life.

2) a TAX SYSTEM for Haiti
Reason for the tax system question is because, No country can EVER or WILL NEVER PROGRESS without a tax system.

The tax collected are for the government to spend on built and MAINTAIN roads, public clinics, hospitals, landmarks, Hotels or Motels and to collect revenues from Tourist and Business man around the world who come TO DO BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY.

Their spending WILL TURN INTO PROFITs to create resources to give back to the people, a security force like an army and local security forces in all ten department to keep peace.

Museums in all ten departments, to clean our beaches, Public Libraries and schools with updated techniques to help educate and strengthen the next and future generations in order to compete as a country in the world sir.
Additionally on tax system.

A TAX SYSTEM with laws in place PREVENT ABUSES from insiders and outsiders of other countries to just come and open businesses, sell, sell, sell to our people who have work so hard for what they have earned and make huge profits and get out WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT).

Their is no circle of wealth in Haiti.

Right now in Haiti, if you have $20 and spend it. This $20 will never comes back to you because their is no tax system or welfare system to retain at least a portion of it to reward it back to you based on your earning.

That means you can only use any resource you have earned ONCE which is unacceptable.

To me, that is comparable to a different form of SLAVERY.

A TAX SYSTEM HELPS A nation use its resources over and over and over again, because IT FEEDS the resources the are providing for the people.

to provide incentives to help the people of Haiti to demolish their old CEMENTED EARTHQUAKE UNBROKEN HOUSES which possess a threat to more human lives if (God forbid) another EARTHQUAKE happens again.

to help REBUILD SAFER houses.

The reason for this housing question is because, believe it or not, people are still leaving inside these CEMENTED ROOF HOUSES because they have no other choice by either NOT HAVING MONEY or NOT KNOWING how to build a proper "21st century" house

These were among the most essential questions to be answered, which I know everybody would agree, but he did not answer them.

CONCLUSION: I consider Mr. Baker as the JEAN BAPTISTE of Haiti's ERA OF HELL, But WYCLEF is the JESUS to come to transform this Nation with a TAX SYSTEM AND A WELFARE SYSTEM.

As a person in this forum said. "LE'W PA GEN MANMAN, OU TETE GRANN"

So people.

I give my release to vote choose Mr. Baker for our next president.

I believe his will do good and start making changes before the GREATNESS TO COME.

I am not excited, but I am very happy that he is here in the race.

thank you

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