AUDIO: Charlito Baker Town Hall Meeting In Miami FL

If you missed the Charlito Baker town hall meeting in Miami FL yesterday, you can listen to audio recording on

Here is it, a two part audio recording of the town hall meeting held by Charles Henry Baker, 2010 candidate for president of Haiti.

Many questions were asked... Hear all the answers...

Charlito Baker town hall meeting Part 1
(to listen, press play)

Charlito Baker Town hall meeting Part 2
(to listen, press play)

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We also want to hear your opinion about the questions that were asked...

Were there up to par with the reality of Haiti and the type of leadership screening that you are looking for?

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Charls Henry Baker says...

I always like music specially when it speaks about ma around touches our heart, You in fact done such a job. any way i wanna tell an important thing for which we all should be concerned.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

And bearing unmeasurable sufferings.

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William Jusme says...

10 things to bring Haiti to the 21st Century

1) Agriculture.

Haiti needs 9 organization like ODVA (Organization Development Valley Artibonite) to reorganize Agricultural System.

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Miggy says...

Hello Vladimir,

Avek regret monche.

Sans mwen pale la, se pwen de vi pa'm. Se pa pwen de vi oubyen opinion wyclef li

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Vladimir says...

Miggy, map poze yon senp kesyon nan tout sa ou di yo pesonelman mwen menm mwen pou wyclef nou tout konnen wyclef tonbe yo rechte kandidati li sa vle di mwen pa gen okenn chwa anfas mwen anko koulye a se desizyon wyclef map tann pou l dim ki moun pou m vote. kesyon m nan se:si wyclef se jezi kris e baker se jan batis pou kisa wyclef pa di nou vote

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Gary G Camille says...

this guy is the right person for haiti, if haitians know what they look for in a leader.

good luck

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Miggy says...

Yes, You're right!
As a matter of fact, I was going to state may be it was his quiet personality that has affected me.
I realized that I felt it somehow, but still is the right one for the position.

After listening to him, I somehow feel at peace with the next chapter of Haiti.

Everyone should gather to support

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Harold Fleurine says...

Mon suport est toujour pour Mr beker mais a mon avis je ne connais pas Mr beker ni enpainte ni en painture, mais je veux qui'l soit president de mon

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Guy Comeau says...

No president or presidential candidates can answer ALL questions about a future plan for a Country.

It takes a larger strategic planning to come to this level while in office and that is with all pertinent representatives input.

Like Baker said, if he does not like a Plan, he can veto it. But he has to work with every relevant parties.

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Lena says...

this is the first time i hear from mr charlito baker he is very interessant i wish he comes in the bahamas good luck

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Miggy says...

As a person who has lost hope for Haiti for the NEXT FIVE YEARS after they let Wyclef go. I have to admit that Baker has captured my attention.

I have heard Mr. Baker's audios.

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