No president or presidential candidates can answer ALL...

Guy Comeau - October 11 2010, 4:09 PM

No president or presidential candidates can answer ALL questions about a future plan for a Country.

It takes a larger strategic planning to come to this level while in office and that is with all pertinent representatives input.

Like Baker said, if he does not like a Plan, he can veto it. But he has to work with every relevant parties.

Baker answered, like you said, all the questions and in great details.

The only reason that he appears "good" to you but not "great" is that his style is sans fanfares et sans demagogue.

His style is low key, humble and direct.

This is something that is very fresh and and new to Haiti's political platform.

It is refreshing, I enjoy it a lot.

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As a person who has lost hope for Haiti for the NEXT...

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