It is fools like you that are taking Haiti down. You have no...

Bigboy - October 7 2010, 9:10 AM

It is fools like you that are taking Haiti down. You have no vision, since the only thing you can see in Charlito is his skin color.

There are no white Haitians.

We are all Haitians with different shades of skin color.

Ou bliye Ayisiens se ras kabrit.

One of my nephews was born with blond hair and blue eyes, and every time he traveled with his mother, my sister, she had a hard time at immigration, be it in Canada, Miami, NY or Puerto Rico because they refused to believe she was his mother, because she was too black.

When I commit to help a Haitian brother I don't look first at whether he/she is balck, white or mulatre.

I do it first because I am helping a Haitian brother/sister.

Since I was born A black Haitian has been in power in Haiti and for the past fifty eight years I have watched Haiti dying a slow death.

Those so clalled leaders hyave developed a culture of deception, injustice, inequality, corruption, murder, and we have become a society of beggars.

I am taking a chance on Charlito Baker this time. The other candidates are nothing but a recycling of the old guard, with failed policies and sorry ass excuses to mask their incompetence.

They do not care one bit about the haitian in the street, otherwise they would have done something raise their standard of living.

If Charlito fails to deliver as promised, I will be the first one to give him a thumbs down.

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