Right on, brother, I am with you on this one 500%. We have...

Sasha Demenditt - October 7 2010, 4:23 PM

Right on, brother, I am with you on this one 500%.

We have voted on skin color and social class since the past 53 years.

It is time that we learn a lesson here: Perhaps, we should try something different, like Charlito Baker.

Check: L'hopital General, I was born very white looking and my mother is very black looking and every time we went to "Marche en Fer" with my Mom, they used to curse her out for taking the "Pitit Moun Yo" to the Marche.

I used to cry a lot because that I thought my Mom was being humiliated.

We came to the U.S. I felt a lot freer and happier.

Nobody is screaming: Dessalines pa vle oue blan at me anymore.

I was free to walk the streets, free to walk with my Mom and Dad (Dad is European).

I understand very much what Charlito has probably gone through...in Haiti.

He has the courage to stand for Haitian people.

He has the courage to want to help. He has the courage to help make a better Haiti.

He has the courage to want to help ALL HAITIANS.

That is what I call GUTS and humility.

Do I have this kind of guts?

Hell No!!
Charlito wants to embrace Haiti and all its implications.

I say: Good luck to you Charlito.

Because of your understanding of the Haitian's socio-dynamics.

May God be with you and hope that you do win.
You will be akin to the REAL problems of Haiti.

Because everybody will be looking over your shoulders, I am confident that you will do very well.
May God blessed you.
I do not have the courage that you have....

Your courage is beyond comprehension to a lot of us....

Anyway, Best of luck.

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