Hello everyone! My name is Wund Hyppolite, and i'm currently...

Wund - October 7 2010, 1:41 PM

Hello everyone!

My name is Wund Hyppolite, and i'm currently majoring in Business economics.

I strongly believe that Wyclef Jean was about to open a lot of doors for haitians living everywhere; however, the time wasn't perfect for him to be a President.

I love you from the bottom of my heart Wyclef, you are very dear to all haitians and we wish the best. Now, as a young Haitian studying at the University Of Central Florida, I would love for Wyclef to this failure as gif and take the initiative to take some advance classes in politics.

Meaning, we all know that Wyclef is very creative and has the characteric of a leader; however, running a country requires more than that. I think we all can assume that the next elected president will be worst than Wyclef, which virtually means another 4 or 6 years living in poverty for the Haitian people.

Now, let's face it, I don't want to see Wyclef being synonymous with Aristid or some wanna be but can't do type of guy. Wyclef you have my support and the whole Diapora community behind you. you can still do better at helping Haiti as an artist than being a president.

But to accomplish that, you will need to paint a larger picture.

Omg...I actually have a class in the next few minutes! but, hey let me finish this....yeah back on track...

now, let's talk a little bit about ovorcomming poverty and finding a bridge toward economic development for haiti.

As most of us will agree, Haiti is still categorized as a LDC with corruption running in every veins of the country.

I won't say much but we can gather all the experts around the world to find a solution for Haiti and they will all have something in common to say about Haiti; Government reform, to enable fresh and relevant ideas to flow in the different branches of the government; Economic Reform; see that that G.D.P grows at decent rate, allow improvemt in the Labor, Invetment, and Production sectors; Decentralize the power, meaning allow lacol government to have a say in how they run things; Increase the literacy rate, lower the death and birth rate of the population; Improve the health care system, Increase Tourism, International trade by producing typical products that haitian are really good at and by maintain a strong national security system which will guarantee foreign as weel as local investors the freedom to do business in postive climate.

I have money to invest and i'm pretty sure there are billions of haitians who would love to open a business in Haiti, but they will never do so unless they be guaranteed that their investment will not be stolen or get killed by thugs or my brothers who are trying to feed their loves ones. Now, whith that being said, one last important subject I think a lot of experts would also be agreed on would be "A CHANGE OF MIND SET" I'm haitian and all haitians know how most of our fellow brothers and sisters think.

To make the transition for a LDC, this is an important issue for us haitians to overcome.

I know it won't happen over nights but whe need to start seeing each other as friends, brothers, families, sisters and finally as haitians united by one common purpose.

we will never achieve anything with division.

We need to pool our resources togher and do it for the greater good of humanity.

I think last year Wyclef had received an award for being a hunanitarian...WE LOVE YOU WYCLEF...he is a perfect example for a lot of young men everywhere not only haitians but everyone...we need stand up for our beliefs and ideas...Haiti is nice play ground for us young men and women who are living here to make a difference...A lot of love and thanks go to my brother Wyclef Jean and to all the other organisations and individuals teaming up to help haiti or any poor country around the world...you are the poeple who are making an impact on others and individual like myself around the world...Therefore, you guys are doing a lot much more than many presidents...


Have comments, want to criticize my ideas, love or hate Wyclef, wanna to work on a project to help haiti?

Well send your comments to wunddaking49 at yahoo.com

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