What is the fuss about Wyclef Jean

Edrys Erisnor - September 16 2010, 3:27 PM

As a Political Scientist, I was offended, upset and embarrassed by the candidacy of Wyclef Jean. I tried not to write about it but his reluctance to let go forced me to put my two cents in this drama.

Offended because of the value I put in having a good education and a University Degree; upset because I felt that Mr. Jean was ill advised and embarrassed because I know Haiti has better choices.

I was actually in Haiti the day he declared his candidacy and watching his followers dancing and chanting as they gathered throughout the neighborhood of Delmas was pitiful.

These are children with their pants way down the waist not knowing why they are supporting him besides his fame as the only well known Haitian superstar.

Before traveling to Haiti in early August, as it was evident that Mr. Jean would announce his candidacy as a contender for Haiti

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Sasharico At Shaw.ca says...

Hi I just read your article gosh you could not have been so right. Wyclef for president you know as a haitian I grew up in Canada went to school... more »