It is disheartening to see how haitian politians have no...

Demesvar Charles - September 10 2010, 6:16 PM

It is disheartening to see how haitian politians have no respect for our inteligence.

They have no quarrel participating in a fraudulent process in the hope that the fraud will be perpetrated in their favor; once somebody else is favored, then they trompet their outrage.

It is obvious that these poly-ti-chien don't have the people's interest at heart; it's more than overdue that we the people stop eating their farce and take our country out of this quagmire on our own. If we allow these people to continue playing us like this, and also allow the reconstruction of Haiti to be financed solely by the internationa community without our input, Haiti will forever be the product of international charity.

How sad would tha be

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