Thousand of people perish in the earthquake, some of the...

Darline - September 1 2010, 8:04 AM

Thousand of people perish in the earthquake, some of the bodies are probably still buried under those houses, and the best images that Wyclef can show the world is a bunch of people dressing in red, dancing on the street, What kind of promotion is that?

Most of these youth should have been in school, but instead they are on the street dancing on the grave of thousands.

We are grateful for all, that Wyclef did for Haiti, but we also have to be honnest and realize that he is not mature enough for such a big task. Neither is Michel Martelly.

It is very funny to hear the word morality coming out of the same Martelly who spent most of musical career as an immoral.The only good thing if he become president, instesd of 3 days for canival, it will probably be 3 months.

It is a shame to see that in this day and age that we still believe in fame instead of competence.For Wyclef to compare himself to Obama is despicable.

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