Should wyclef be the next haitian president?

Betina Jeanmary - August 31 2010, 2:07 PM

I've been a fan of Wyclef since I was in high school.

When My friend approached me with wyclef CD " said my friend, Hey betina, he's from your country! I was so proud that we have at least one haitian celebrity in holliwood.

I use my last few dollars with change to buy one of Wyclef CD and I carry the CD to each class room to show the student.

I personally admire Wyclef mainly because of the passion he has for haiti.

Wyclef always put haiti first, raise the haitian flag high, feeding the poor, raise money for haiti way before the earthquake.

Everyplace he goes, he always mention Haiti regardless all discrimination that going on toward haitian in america.

Beside wyclef, how many in holliwood who's not hiding their identity or afraid to be proud they haitian.

I'm hundred percent think Wyclef would bring haiti to a better direction in term of economic.

but I'm not sure if Wyclef is mature enough to take this responsibility simply because he grow up in America, there's many things he may not know about being a leader in haiti.

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