You the negroes always blame the mulatoes for haiti problem...

Kelly Villate - August 21 2010, 7:08 AM

you the negroes always blame the mulatoes for haiti problem while haiti has been run by negroes for long period of time, your stupide negroes gouvernement put haiti into ruins, they are corrupted, greedy bastards.

we the mulatoess create jobs for stupide ass negroes.

haiti would have a very different country if it was run by the whites or haitian mulatoes all those times.

now it's time for a change cz u haitians negroes are incapable of ce qu'on appelle la bonne gouvernance.

usa has a mulato president, the same has to happen in haiti now. u negros pull aside and let the mulatoes take over

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Hello, Did you check one of your statements below...

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We are not talking about ALL mullatoes around the...

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