Hello, Did you check one of your statements below: "If it does...

Icareforhaitiandmypeople - August 19 2010, 2:03 PM

Did you check one of your statements below:

"If it does not stop, then, DO NOT blame mulattoes for non participation in Haiti's problems"

The facts are: These mulattoes ARE THE PROBLEMS of Haiti and always has been.
Why would any Haitian vote for the exact cause that has prevented it from growing.

These folks have mixed themselves WITH OTHER TWO GROUPS IN Haiti.

1) The Surians from Suria
2) The Jordanians From Jordan
They have turned themselves into a soup with the French mixed to really create the deadly disease that Haiti is being sick of. This 2 group came from their country by big boats(like the Mayflower) and invaded Haiti long ago.

They have the highest high school graduation rate in the country.

They do not consider themselves Haitian privately.

The see themselves as being born in Haiti.

The only places you see them in Haiti are: 1) in the hospitals (of course they are the doctors) 2) The Teleco (Of course they are the one who got the positions.

3) The department of Education (of course they are the one who make the decision WHO WILL GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL.

On any Strikes (manifestation) in Haiti, you NEVER SEE NOT EVEN (ONE OF THEM).

To make matter worst.

They do not even let their (Black skinned maids came out to protest.

Have you ever wonder why these people are thriving and have been thriving in SUCH A POOR COUNTRY, while they are living a such opulent life.

Of course there is a reason for their always NON-PARTICIPATION.

Their private Haiti in Haiti is very well organized.

Get to know your facts and open your eyes.

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you the negroes always blame the mulatoes for haiti...

why should they blk skin maid came to ur stupid...

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