Although that I have no anger against Preval. If Preval seeks...

Miggy - August 13 2010, 11:35 PM

Although that I have no anger against Preval.

If Preval seeks or accepts any position into the coming government.

I think this will be a big "RED FLAG" because I do not see how anybody will be at ease with him ever again after one of the biggest and baddest episode that Haiti has ever experienced under his government which is "KIDNAPPING" while so many people have been left with no justice.

I urge and warn Wyclef to not become a "TISOUSOU" to make Preval his prime minister just because he has placed Wyclef as the international ambassador for Haiti.

Where he feels that he has to return the favor to Preval.

Remember!!! per the Bible...It is wrong to sew an old fabric with a new fabric, because the new fabric will ruin the old fabric.

Another word, Preval will not be able to follow the new rules from Wyclef.

It will not be what Preval is used too. That will indeed mess Wyclef's plan.

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