Can Rene Preval Become Haiti's Prime Minister Again???

I have a question for you? The constitution of Haiti prevents Rene Preval from seeking another term in office. That only means he cannot be president BUT... How many times can he become Haiti's Prime Minister?

I am asking because...

I read that President Rene Preval's Unity party decided not to backup former Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis as a candidate for president.

Instead, they are pushing Jude Celestin who happens to be the head CNE, the government's primary construction firm in Haiti.

I also read that CNE (National Center of Equipment), is a road construction entity in Haiti that many claim was founded by Jude Celestin on behalf of the current President.


I don't know what all this means... Mwen pa entelijan dekwa...

I only have one question:

Can Rene Preval Become Haiti's Prime Minister Again???

I heard that the Prime Minister is really the person who runs the country...

I also heard that when a president is elected in Haiti, the Prime Minister will come from party who is in MAJORITY in parliament.

Which party is that?

Can somebody please explain this to me please?

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Sergo Jean says...

Se byen Gran papa l te kite pou li avek manman m la vinn premiye minis.sal te fe. Prezidan Saint Domingue lan pase mwens tan nan pouvoi ke Preval gade lakay li pou we. fe konparezon avek Haiti pou we, saint Domingue se kom si kote mounn viv epi Haiti se couwe kote mounn ap mande charite pou yo ka suviv.

paske chef nou yo ap bwe clerin, yo nan tout sa ki pa divose remariye paske yo jwen privilej kob avek machine epi paspo diplomatik pou mache ranse nan le mond. yo pa vle pedi privilej sa yo se sak fe yo sot nan tet epi yo bezwen vin anba montre komsi Peyi ya pa gen mounn se sel yo ki

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Betina Jeanmary says...

Since 1800 we have been independent in our own home, we don't need to be control by other countries, I believe if there's unity among us, hardworking and a comprehensive leadership we can get big. In other word, President preval had his terms already, it up to the haitian people to decide who fit the job. Whether they choose Mr. preval or not we need a good haitian

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Thomas Valcin says...



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Miggy says...

Although that I have no anger against Preval.

If Preval seeks or accepts any position into the coming government.

I think this will be a big "RED FLAG" because I do not see how anybody will be at ease with him ever again after one of the biggest and baddest episode that Haiti has ever experienced under his government which is "KIDNAPPING" while so many people have been left with no justice.

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Will Smith says...

Rene Preval can definitely be a prime minister.

Why not?

However, some conditions must be met. As long as Rene Preval got one of his proteges from INITE party elected as the head of state and his party got the majority in the parliament to pick their own prime minister as described by the constitution, YES!! president Rene Preval can become prime minister.

This case applied in Russia with Vladimir Putin.

Again, YES! it's

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Vladimir says...

I think so Preval is a good man he does better he did good things i like him so much like a dog cause after him nobody else living in the country i mean they don't even gone to school, they incompetent and stupid, he could be prime minister because Haiti like a forest only animals live in there.

that's why i said before i don't like talk to much and think bad things just give me my future president so so so so and but but but but but Wyclef Jean dads

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Sergo Jean says...

We don't have leaders in Haiti, to gov.the Country.

yo pense se byen fanmi yo te kite pou yo.gen yon jou tout bagay pral fini. Le sa pap gen kote pou neg kache.kote Aritide jodia, kote Duvalier, et tout lot compayel li yo, mwen pa we yo.ou met tan gason mwen pran ti chez ba ou gade pou we sak gen pou fet nan peyi sa, yon jou pou jibie e yon jou pou chase

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Gigi says...

Where do you hear an ex-president becaomes Prime Minister, maybe I'm wrong please inform

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Sovehaitidotcom Forum says...

Why would Preval be a prime Minister sa son grimas Preval had 10 years of into the president seat and don't even do anything for Haiti and even opened his mouth said, "Haiti is the poorest country in the Caribbean" Haiti needs people with brain power and who love his country not money hungriest, back stabbers and broke politicians. forum

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Rosemine Jean says...

Do you think only one him went to school in Haiti?


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