I like your plan for haiti i think if given a chance you can...

Lautre Niveau - August 11 2010, 8:53 PM

i like your plan for haiti i think if given a chance you can do a great job for haiti you song lke somebody that is capable .i wanted to know how could you change haiti in a short period of time at least 3year then the people should elect you 3 year sound good because haiti need somebody that get it out it mess very quick we need to see progress i think wyclef can do agreat job if elected but the people has to decide who ever which person can get haiti out of it mess quickly to see thing done should get elected because haiti now is worse than before to much suffering for a small nation we need to change that if that person can bring a positive change 3 year which i think is impossible with so many problem haiti has it not going to be an easy task but good luck and best wish i hope somebody listening.

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I have a 3 years plans for Haiti to create Jobs...

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