I have a 3 years plans for Haiti to create Jobs, Healthcare...

William Evens Josma - August 11 2010, 12:49 PM

I have a 3 years plans for Haiti to create Jobs, Healthcare, Education Security and Bring move investors to Haiti, Haiti is lacking of great leaders who really willing to push the country forward in the right Direction.

I like wycleff and I like Michel but none of them are really qualify to run the country, Haiti need someone who have Wycleff Desire and Passion but also Need someone who have the experience of Haitian Politic, someone who have been throhgh it with the people, someone who know what the real problems are and who will address them. I will transform Hait and Will tunr My country To the Perl Des Antilles they used to call it.Ther eis enough help going to Haiti to rebuild the country and educate the population, I knnow how to tackle the real problems and transform Haiti to a much better Island, I know some people are going to say it is easier to say than Done, Oh well I understand that but I have been apart of thousand of people In Haiti either by finding them sponsors in the US or Helping them going to scholl or feeding families, they helps are there and they are available, we just need to know where to knock, who to talk to and build the trust.for any Informations Please feel free to write me: josmafamily at hotmail.com the real Plan the real Deal to change Haiti.

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i like your plan for haiti i think if given a chance...

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