Michaelle Jean Visit To Haiti After Earthquake

Bel Politik - March 2 2010, 5:03 PM

Governor General Michaelle Jean will be visiting Haiti next Monday for two-day visit.

Michaelle Jean was born in Jacmel Haiti and Jacmel is one of the areas hard hit by the earthquake.

Come to think of it, the Canadian rescue operations was concentrated in Jacmel...


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Berthauny Bernard says...

Now i want the excellence talks with the governor about the electricity for haiti like jacmel and something else for the best interest of the country more »

Clnmike says...

Who is surprised here, people looking out for their best interest as usual. Haiti needs another revolution for real. more »

Herman Schurmans Brussels says...

Just fine and hartwarming more »

Caroline says...

It is better late than never. Let's hope that the vision she has for Canada is the same one she has for her native country and city too. more »