Haiti must face its constitutional obligations and act...

Harry Laurenceau - March 6 2010, 8:14 AM

Haiti must face its constitutional obligations and act accordingly.

Putting the process of presidential elections on hold because of a state of emotional toll would suggest a national weakness that can come back later to bite us, Haitians.

Considering that life goes on, then Haiti must proceed with presidential elections in order to move forward.

Preventing the constitution to take its course because of the recent January 12 earthquake could bring disrespect to our nation.

Do you think that our Heavenly Father should prevent the occurrence of the big earthquake that is yet to come because earthquakes bring pain?

No, because God is true to His word. Haiti has to be true to the constitution and hold presidential elections despite post-earthquake tears.

In John's Revelation, the loud voice said, "It is done!", then the biggest earthquake of all times occurred.

(Revelation 16:17, 18).

Let's not prevent the process of presidential elections to take place.

Let's move forward for success and respect! I am done with my comment.


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that will never happend say no to ecletion in haiti

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