What did President Rene Preval mean when he said Haiti must be refounded?

In an interview to Al Jazeera after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, former president Rene Preval said: "Haiti must not be reconstructed, she must be Refounded."

Haitian President Rene Preval

What did President provide mean by that?

'It means that we have to think over the entire territorial organization of the country," President Preval said.

"For too long, we have given priority to Port-au-Prince where the political and economic elites leave and neglected the provinces which explains why so many people are converging to Port-au-Prince."

Our leaders know the problem exists but no one has the balls to do something about it. Or maybe there is another problem. Maybe some people want to Haiti to remain exactly as she is.

But why?

Decentralization. Many presidents have been talking about it has the key to refound Haiti, if I may borrow the words of president Rene Preval.

But who will decentralize Haiti finally?

Whatxh the video of the interview president Preval gave Al Jazeera by visiting prevalhaiti.com

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Woody says...

Pouki w panse ansyen Presidan Rene Preval te di Ayiti paka rekonstwi fok Ayiti refonde?

Se pa ti mo

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Subject: What did President Rene Preval mean when he said Haiti must be refounded? edit

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