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What did President Rene Preval mean when he said Haiti must be refounded?

In an interview to Al Jazeera after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, former president Rene Preval said: "Haiti must not be reconstructed, she must be Refounded." more »

AUDIO: Steven Benoit: I told President Preval NOT to buy CNE equipments with PetroCaribe money!

Kote Kob PetroCaribe a? Steven Benoit, Rene Preval, Jude Celestin Listen to this AUDIO... Former Haitian Senator Steven Benoit told journalist Valery Numa he warned ex president Rene Preval NOT to purchase new equipment for the Centre National des Equipements (CNE) with 197 Million dollars of PetroCaribe money until an investigation was made to find out what happened to the previous equipments. more »

Haiti :: Martelly Vs Preval - Who was a Better President?

President Martelly meets President Rene Preval at the Palace I your opinion, who was a better Haitian president, Michel Martelly or Rene Preval? more »

Haiti - Six days of national mourning for Death of President Rene Preval

The office of Haiti president Jovenel Moise announces officially 6 days of mourning on behalf of president Rene Preval who died recently... more »

Haitian Media Upset - Rene Preval Dead Body Photo Circulating Online

Soon after Former Haitian president Rene Preval laid dead in a Hospital bed in Laboule, Petionvile, A photo of his dead body was already circulating on the Internet... Many Haitian journalist in Haiti are complaining about it... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Ex President Rene PREVAL is Dead...

Breaking News from Haiti... News is spreading rapidly that former Haitian president Rene Preval is dead. There is a photo of the president laying still on a hospital bed already circulating on the the social media networks more »

FLASH: Haiti - Arrest warrant issued against former President Rene Preval

Breaking news... A Haitian judge has just issued a arrest warrant against former President Rene Preval in connection to an ongoing investigation about ONA funds... more »

Haiti President Michel Martelly meets with Former president Preval at the National Palace

President Martelly meets President Rene Preval at the Palace Did you know? Former Haitian president Rene Preval was flown in by Helicopter from the town of Marmelade where he resides to a meeting with president Michel Martelly Tuesday, 14 October 2014... more »