USA Welcome Haiti Agreement to Ensure Continuity of Governance

Haiti Transitoin 2016 -- Read this press statement from the U.S. Department of State released 07 Feb 2016 in regards to the Agreement between out-going president Michel Martelly and the Legislative branch...

U.S. Department of State Seal on the Haitian Flag
U.S. Department of State Seal on the Haitian Flag

Press Statement

The United States welcomes the agreement by Executive and Legislative authorities in Haiti to ensure the continuity of governance and the completion of the ongoing electoral process.

Echoing the Core Group statement of February 6, we trust "that all actors will keep the best interests of Haiti and its people above all other considerations."

We also acknowledge the constructive role played by the Special Mission of the Organization of American States in fostering a spirit of consensus among Haitian stakeholders.

The United States looks forward to continuing to work with Haiti and its international partners in support of strengthening democracy in Haiti.

John Kirby
Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
February 7, 2016

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

What constructive role OAS has played in this crisis?

They have failed

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David Grant says...

With all those power hungry and fortune seekers politicians, these men will never put the interest of the above their selfish intentions.They will always try to circumvent the highest law of the land-The constitution-to manipulate the due process of law and order.

Haiti will always need the intervention of the Americans to toe the democratic line.
These opportunists are only seeking after personal gains and they are just looking forward to pillage the resources of the country.

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William Jean says...


Please, do not mention the U.S. direct involvement in Haiti right now. You only do that if you lack self-confident to lead YOUR OWN people.

As Martelly was not capable with lack of tact. But I digress.

Let Haïtienne yo, look for their way of handling

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Simon says...

I think Haiti needs a lot of support support From The U.S gorv and it's The best desicion that bas been taken for the good functionning of The

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