Romual Grand Pierre

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Haiti - Bailiff who issued Aristide's Summons Victim of an Attack

PHOTO: Haiti - Romual Grand Pierre - Huissier de justice (Bailiff) Haiti Justice - Four unidentified men (with dreds) on motorcycles attempted to harm Romual Grand Pierre, the Haitian bailiff (Huissier de Justice) who delivered the summons to former president Jean Bertrand Aristide, outside the Palace of Justice in downtown Port-au-Prince Tuesday, 04 September 2014... Grand Pierre had to run for his life, he says... more »

Haiti - Aristide Summons was Hand Delivered by Bailiff Romual Grand Pierre

PHOTO: Haiti - Romual Grand Pierre - Huissier de justice (Bailiff) Former Haiti president Aristide and his layers say then did not receive the summons to appear in court Wednesday however, Bailiff (Huissier de Justice) Romual Grand Pierre admist to making the delivery at Tabarre, at the residence of President Aristide... With some difficulty but delivery was made... more »