Haiti Election 2015

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Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin Ready to Meet CEP Once Verification is put in Place

Haiti Elections 2015 - Wyclef Jean Endorses Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Jude Celestin, the LAPEH Candidate for president Wrote to the Electoral Council (CEP) to say he is ready to meet with the electoral council once the commission for verification of the votes is put into place... more »

Haiti Elections - Pastors Conference wants Vijonet Demero OUT of the CEP

Haiti CEP - KEP The Haitian Pastors Conference (COFA) request the resignation of Electoral Council (CEP) member Vijonet Demero, there representative at the provisional electoral council... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Release Partial list of Final Legislative Results

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections Update -- The Electoral Council (CEP) has just published a part of the final results of the Legislative elections, the part that concerns the first round do-overs... The CEP reported that a complete list of the final legislative results will be released no later than Thursday... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Says it is READY for 27 December Elections

Haiti CEP - KEP Haiti Elections Update -- While many in the streets are wondering if there will be an election on 27 December, the Electoral Council (CEP) says it is ready, "technically speaking," CEP executive director Mosler Georges said in a press conference Monday... more »

Haiti Elections - Final Results for Legislative Elections Expected to be Released This Weekend

Electoral Council Elections List Haiti Elections Update - Nealy two weeks before the 27 December Elections, the final results for the 2nd round legislative elections have not yet been released... There is still no set date but rumor has it the final 2nd round results for the Legislative elections will be release by the Electoral Coundil (CEP) this weekend... more »

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise Continues to Attract more Voters in 2nd Round Campaign

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise Campaigning in Jeremie, Round 2, LOTS of People... Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK candidate for president Jovenel Moise continues to attract more and more voters in his 2nd round campaign while his opponent Jude Celestin remains silent while being legally in the race... Where is this going? more »

Haiti Elections - G8 says NO Elections 25 Dec BUT Martelly has to Leave Office 07 Fevrier

Haiti G8 Opposition Candidates for President Haiti Elections Update -- The group of 8 (G8) protesting presidential candidates says There will be NO 2nd round elections on 27 December; However, President Michel Martelly has to leave office on 07 Fevrier 2016... What is that all about??? more »

Haiti Elections - Maryse Narcisse and LAVALAS will NOT support Jude Celestin for President

Jude Celestin Sezi, Maryce Narcisse Haiti Elections Update -- Without being too direct, Maryse Narcisse made it clear she and Fanmi LAVALAS will NOT support Jude Celestin or anyone else in round 2 of the presidential elections... "But we will not go into any combination with any candidate to sacrifice the struggle of the people," her exact words... more »

Haiti Elections - The Commission the G8 wishes for is NOT what they're Getting...

Haiti Caricature - KEP Opont Sou Pression Resulta Election Presidentiel yo Haiti Elections Update -- The group of 8 (G8) protesting candidates for president wanted a commission to verify the votes (commission de vérification électorale) BUT what they are getting instead is a commission to propose solutions to the electoral process (commission de garantie électorale)... Already, the opposition is complaining about it... more »

Haitians are Protesting on International Human Rights Day 2015

US FLAG in Haiti Human Rights March Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition groups continue to protest in the streets of Port-au-Prince against the 25 October elections... A new manif has started Thursday, to commemorate International Human Rights Day 2015... more »