Haiti Election 2015

Haiti CEP - Yolette Mengual denies receiving $15,000 US to Swing Election Results

Yolette Mengual Haiti Elections Results - CEP member Yolette Mengual denies allegations that she reveived $15,000 US from candidate for Depute Gerald Jean to Swing the Election Results and decide in his favor at the BCEN... more »

Haiti Elections - Platfom Pitit Desalin REJECTS Commission by Martelly to Evaluate Elections

Assad Volcy Haiti Elections Update - Senator Moise Jean Charles's Platfom Pitit Desalin REJECTS new commission established by president Michel Martelly to evaluate the 25 October elections... Assad Volcy of Pitit Desalin says this commission does not reflect demands of the G8... more »

Haiti Elections - Sauveur Pierre Etienne says Too Little Too Late About Martelly's Commission

Sauveur Pierre Etienne - OPL 2 Haiti Elections Update -- OPL Leader Sauveur Pierre Etienne, one of the members of the G8, rejected the new commission setup by president Martelly to evaluate the elections saying it's too little too late, Haiti Press Network says... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Martelly Announces Creation of Commission to Evaluate Elections

PHOTO: Haiti - President Michel Martelly looks tired Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly had just published an "Arrêté Présidentiel" creating the commission to evaluate the electoral process following a letter sent by Prime Minister Evans Paul advising on the necessity for such a commission... more »

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise says Electoral Process Must Continue in the interest of Democracy

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote??? Haiti Elections Update -- In a press conference Wednesday, PHTK candidate for president Jovenel Moise stresses how important it for the electoral process to continue but asked the electoral counci (CEP) to reinforces the process to reassure the parties involved, National and International... more »

Haiti Elections - Evans Paul asks President Martelly to create Electoral Commission ASAP

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Evans Paul and CEP Opont Caricature Haiti Elections Update -- Prime Minister Evans Paul sent a letter to President Martelly recommending that the president creates an Electoral Commission to "guarantee the credibility of the electoral process..." more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - CEP Yolette Mengual paid $15,000 US to Swing Election Results

Yolette Mengual Haiti Election Update --- Major Corruption SCANDAL inside the CEP... Candidate for Depute Gerald Jean came out on Haitian radio and admitted to paying CEP Member Yolette Mengual $15,000 US to decide on his favor... Wait there's more!!! more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Senate wants CEP to STOP, Do NOT Publish Elections Results Until...

PHOTO: Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Breaking News - Haiti Senate has asked the Electoral Council (CEP) to hold off on the publication of legislative elections results that are due to he released later today, Thursday... Wait... There's more!!! more »

Haiti Elections - European Union election monitors arrive for 27 December Elections

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Election monitors from the European Union arrive in Haiti Tuesday to monitor the 2nd round presidential elections scheduled for 27 December according to a Miami Herald article... more »

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin Ready to Meet CEP Once Verification is put in Place

PHOTO: Haiti Elections 2015 - Wyclef Jean Endorses Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Jude Celestin, the LAPEH Candidate for president Wrote to the Electoral Council (CEP) to say he is ready to meet with the electoral council once the commission for verification of the votes is put into place... more »