Haiti Election 2015

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wants to Sit Down and Talk to Jude Celestin

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update - PHTK Candidate for President Jovenel Moise adminst publicly on Tele Metropole he wants to sit down an Talk to LAPEH candidate Jude Celestin so that together they can find a way out of the political crisis... more »

Haiti Elections - Martelly wants to patch up the CEP 11 Days before his Term Expires

PHOTO: Haiti President Martelly in thinking mode Haiti Elections Update -- 11 days of the end of his constitutional term, President Michel Martelly seeks to reconstitute the Electoral Council (CEP)... Martelly has already contacted the sectors to replace Pierre Manigat Jr, Vijonet Déméro, Jaccéus Joseph et Ricardo Augustin, 4 CEP members who resigned recently... more »

Haiti Politics - Aristide has behind-the-scenes role in Haiti's new crisis

PHOTO: Haiti - Jean Bertrand Aristide, The GodFather According to a Reuters article former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has a behind-the-scenes role in Haiti's new crisis... Three of the four top presidential candidates fully or partly draw strength from Aristide's followers and Aristide's influence has quietly grown since he returned from exile in South Africa in 2011, the article says... more »

Haiti in Crisis - Assad Volcy wants Martelly Out of Office BEFORE 07 Fevrier

Assad Volcy Haiti Elections Update -- Less then 2 weeks before the term of President Michel Martelly ends, opposition leader Assad Volcy cannot wait, he wants Martelly OUT of office BEFORE 07 Fevrier... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Patizan PHTK ap Pran Lari Port-au-Prince, se sa ki anonse...

Haiti Parti Politik PHTK - Vive Martelly Denye Nouvel... Haiti - Patizan PHTK yo anounse pou yo pran beton an nan lari Port-au-Prince... Radio Caraibes FM fek raporte ke patizan PHTK nan Leogane getan sou brenzeng yo dapre sa yon KAZEK nan zone nan fe yon konnen... Rete branche... more »

FLASH: Haiti Politique - G8 Proposition de Sortie de Crise

PHOTO: Haiti G8 Opposition Candidates for President Men Nouvel... Haiti - G8 la proposer yon Sortie de Crise... Li text sa a, Men kisa G8 la proposer... Kisa ou panse de sa??? more »

VIDEO: Haiti Election - JOVENEL Moise di "Mwen Pap Fe Bak"

PHOTO: Haiti - Jovenel Moise Speaking Gade video saa... Haiti Election - Candidat a la presidence JOVENEL Moise di "Mwen Pap Fè Bak" nan yon mesaj li te delivre yon you apre konsey elektoral la cancel election 24 Janvier 2016 la... Tande tout sa Jovenel di... more »

FLASH AUDIO: Guy Philippe Declares WAR on Port-au-Prince Politicians, No Transition he says

Guy Phillipe Listen to this AUDIO: Guy Philippe says IF Port-au-Prince Politicians want a WAR, BRING IT... Guy Phillipe says he will allow politicians from Port-au-Prince to DICTATE to the rest of the country what THEY want... "No Government of Transition can come to my departments to tell us what to to unless they win in a WAR," he says... Listen... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - This time it's for REAL, Jacceus Joseph Resigns from CEP

PHOTO: Haiti - Jacceus Joseph - Membre Conseil Electoral Provisoire Haiti Elections - The first time it was a rumor, his time it's for REAL, Jacceus Joseph Resigns from CEP... Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald tweets: "@cep_haiti member Jacceus Joseph just confirmed to @MiamiHerald that he resigned from the council. #Haitielections" more »

FLASH: Haiti - Jovenel Moise wants Elections Rescheduled ASAP

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK presidential candiate Jovenel Moise strongly recommends the CEP to hold the 2nd round elections as soon as possible. Jovenel Moise says he cannot understand how electiosn have been cancelled without a new date... more »