Haiti Deputes

Haiti Parliament - Another call for National Assembly Tuesday to discuss President Privert

Haitian Senators and Deputes have been called to National Assembly Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 12:00pm to decide whether or not president Privert's mandate will be extended or not...

Haiti: Youri Latortue di: mal elu, bien elu, sel tribunal ka deside

Yon jounalis mande Senateur Latibonit la Youri Latortue opinion li sou zafè Senatè ak Depute ki MAL elu nan parlement an... Youri Latortue repon: "mal elu, bien elu, sel tribunal ka deside..."

Haiti Politics : Senate Vice-President Lareche Refuses to Admit his Signature in Privert Term-Ending Document

Haiti Politics : Senate Vice-President Lareche Refuses to Admit his Signature in Privert Term-Ending Document... A note Senator Lareche supposedly signed jointly with Depute Cholzer Chancy, hours later, he denied signing it... LOOK...

Haiti - "NO, Privert will NOT be a De-Facto President," a PHTK Depute says

Haiti Transition Update -- When asked whether or not Jocelerme Privert would become a de-facto president of Haiti once his 120-days term expires Tuesday June 14 and remains in power, outspoken PHTK depute of Cerca-Carvajal Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime replies: "NO, Privert will not be a de-facto president."

Haiti - Depute A. Rodon Bien-Aime predicts there will NOT be a National Assembly to EVICT Privert from Power

Regarding President Privert's fate after June 14 when his term expires, Haiti PHTK depute Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime says: "Since there WILL be problems and the National Assebly will not be able to convene, Privert will remain in power, he will remain in his post until the national assemble decides to convene."

Haiti Parliament DIVIDED over President Privert: Should he STAY, Should he GO?

There is a BIG divide among Haitian senators and Deputes over whether or not interim president Jocelerme Privert should remain in power past his 120-days term which ends Tuesday, 14 June 2016... Pro Privert Senators agrue he should stay until elections are held while the other side is sreaming VLE PA VLE fò l ale...

Haiti - Shots Fired at the Residence of Maissade Depute Louis Romel Beauge

The residence of a Haitian lawmaker, Depute Louis Romel Beauge of Maissade, was riddled with bullets early morning Sunday while he was in the house sleeping.

Haiti - Deputes and Senators Expected to Meet in National Assembly Monday to CLOSE First Regular Session, Will that Happen?

Chew on this... Haitian Politics - Something BIG is about to happen on 14 May but, days before, Deputes and Senators have been called to a national nssembly Monday in order to CLOSE first regular session of the 50th legislature... What do you think will happen?

Haiti - Depute Rony Celestin says Time for President Privert to Start Packing his Bags

Haiti Transition Update - Depute Rony Celestin says President Jocelerme Privert FAILED and its time for him to start packing his bags and resign...

Haiti - President Privert wants a meeting with Deputes Wednesday

Haiti Transition Update -- President Jocelerme Privert wrote a letter do Chamber of deputes Cholzer Chancy requesting a meeting with the deputes Wednesday 27 Apr 2016...