Haiti Deputes

Haitian opposition wants all "anti-national Senators and Deputes" to resign, manifestation 24 Octobre

Not only does the Haitian opposition want president Jovenel Moise and his government to be gone, they're also calling for the resignation all of "All anti-national Senators and Deputes."

Haiti - President Jovenel Moise convokes Extraordinary General Assembly Monday 23 October

All the Haitian deputes currently on vacation have been convoked to an Extraordinary General Assembly by president Jovenel Moise to decide on the choice for members of the Permanent Electoral Council, among other things.

SHOTS Fired at Depute Sinal Bertrand in Les Cayes

A mid-day Saturday Haiti news flash revealed a Depute has been shot in SUD department of Haiti. Minutes later we discovered the Depute in question is Signal Bertrand.

The New Haiti Budjet will further impoverish the middle class, Depute Printemps Belizaire says

Haiti Fanmi Lavalas depute Printemps Bélizaire said the new budget (2017-2018) is a "criminal budget that will further impoverish the middle class and the people."

Haiti Chamber of Deputies voted without further modifications 2017 - 2018 draft budget

Haiti's Chamber of Deputies adopted without further modifications the draft budget voted by the Senate on Wednesday evening, with the amendment of article 17.

Haiti Amendement Constitutionnel: Depute Gary Bodeau exige l'elimination du poste de Premier ministre

Amendements à la Constitution: le Député Gary Bodeau exige un quota au Parlement pour la diaspora, l'élimination du poste de Premier ministre et un pouvoir législatif réduit en nombre et dans ses attributions.

Haiti - Depute Fred Piton Returns to a Section Communale to say Thank you

Hinche Haiti Depute Fred Piton took some time to go to one of the villages outside the city of Hinche to say thank you to those who voted for him...

237 Photos - Haiti - Depute Tit Delacruz ap Travay nan Commune Thomassique

Gade photo sa yo... Haiti - Nou te gen chans pase yon moman avek Depute Tit Delacruz ki ap fè yon gro travay nan commune Thomassique... Depute a ap louvri wout nan section Locianne, soti Thomasique pase Loraton 2, rantre Nan Croix, rive Malari... Kote bourik pat ka pase, 2 Trailer kapab kwaze... Gade...

20 PHOTOS: Haiti Elections - Rony Celestin, Candidate for Senator meeting voters in Hinche

Look at these photos... Haitian Depute Rony Celestin (Cerca-La-Source) met with some voters outside Eben-Ezer Resaurant in Hinche Haiti after he submitted his documents as a candidate for senator to the Bureau Electoral Depatemental (BED) in the city...

Haitian Lawmakers convoked into yet another national assembly, Still NO guaranties it will be held

Haitian Senators and Deputes have just received another call to convene in national assembly Thursday, 14 July, to discuss matters overdue in the Republic... So far, they have not yet agreed on the "Feuille de Route," the road map for the meeting...