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Haiti - President Privert wants a meeting with Deputes Wednesday

Jocelerme Privert - Provisional President of Haiti Haiti Transition Update -- President Jocelerme Privert wrote a letter do Chamber of deputes Cholzer Chancy requesting a meeting with the deputes Wednesday 27 Apr 2016... more »

Haiti - Depute Gracia DELVA accused of Stealing 2 Generators

Depute Caleb Desrameaux, Depute (now Senator) Gracia Delva  50eme Legislature Gracia DELVA, the Singer-Depute of Marchand Dessalines, has been accused by some his constituents of stealing two generators that was paid by the state to provide electricity in the sity of Marchand... Gracia Delva denies these allegations... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Prime Minister Fritz Jean REJECTED by Parliament

OPL say NO to Fritz Alphonse Jean as Prime Minister of Haiti BREAKING News... Haiti Prime Minister Friz Alphonse Jean has just been REJECTED by parliament at the Lower House (la Chanbre des Deputes) -- 38 voted FOR, 36 voted AGAINST... Premier minis la TONBE... more »

Haiti Politics - Deputes Meeting Sunday 12pm for Prime Minister Fritz Jean Ratification

Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz Haiti Transition Update -- The house of Deputes will meet in a session this Sunday at 12pm for another attempt to ratify Prime Minister Fritz Jean's Politique Generale... more »

Haiti Petro Caribe Crisis - Depute A. Rodon Demands Arrest of BMPAD Chief

A. Rodon Bien-Aime - Depute Cerca-Carvajal Haiti (PHTK) Haiti Corruption - PHTK Depute A. Rodon Bien-Aime demands the arrest of the director of the Bureau de Monetisation des Programmes d'Aide au Developpement (BMPAD) so he can answer questions with regards to the Petro Caribe non-payments that could put Haiti in a fuel crisis in the coming days... more »

FLASH: Haiti - PM Fritz Jean Officially Submits his Original Documents to Parliament Friday

Prime Minister Fritz Jean Submitting his document to Parliament Committee Haiti Transition Update -- Incoming Prime Minister Fritz Jean has officially submitted his original paperwork to to a special parliamentary commission Friday to begin the verification process... more »

Haiti Parliament to Hold First National Assembly this Thursday

Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz Finally, the first National Assembly of the 50th legislature of Haiti will be held this thursday, 04 February 2016, in order to officially open the legislative year, so the elected Deputes can get to work... more »

Haiti Elections - Depute A Rodon Bien Aime: Stay HOME, Do Not go out to Vote 24 Jan

A. Rodon Bien-Aime - Depute Cerca-Carvajal Haiti (PHTK) Haiti Elections Update - Cerca Carvajal Depute A Rodon Bien Aime wants a BOYCOTT of the Elections... A Rodon asks the Haitians voters to stay at HOME and do NOT go out to vote Sunday 24 January 2016... more »

Haiti Politics - 92 Deputes Swear In for the 50th Legislature Sunday

Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz Haiti Political Update -- 92 new Deputes have sworn in to validate their powers for the 50th legislature of Haiti Sunday... According to news reports all elected deputes were present at the chamber of deputes for this activity... more »

Haiti - Shots fired at ex-Depute Hidson Nelson's vehicle, Depute Injured

Crime Scene in Haiti Former Haiti Depute Hidson Nelson of Pignon, Ranquitte et La Victoire, was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday afternoon, 04 Mar 2014, after his vehicle was shot at by 3 armed gunmen riding on motorcycles... more »