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Interpellation: Haiti Senators and Deputes playing "cache-cache liben sere liben" with PM Jean Henry Ceant

Haiti Caricature - Haitian Senators and Deputes fighting over Interpellation of PM Ceant Haitian children play this game called "cache-cache liben sere liben, liben gwo tèt, sere liben," This what is currently happening between the Senate and the Chambre of Deputes with prime minister Jean Henry Ceant. more »

Haiti Opposition - Andre Michel says we will NOT bring the power to the Deputes and Senators

Haiti Deputes of the Opposition Some Haitian lawmakers opposed to president Jovenel Moise are expecting to maintain power should President Jovenel Moise leave office but the opposition in the streets has a different idea. more »

Haiti - Senators and Deputes of the Opposition demand the Resignation of President Jovenel Moise

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) In a joint note signed by Haitian senators and Deputes of the opposition, these members of parliament demand the unconditional resignation of president Jovenel Moise. more »

Haiti - Depute Price Cyprien withdraws candidacy for president of the Chamber of Deputes

Depute Price Cyprien - Depute de Thomazeau Haiti Haitian Deputy Price Cyprien (PHTK, Thomazeau) who was also a candidate for president of the Chamber of deputies withdrew his candidacy Tuesday after the deputies supporting the candidacy of Gary Bodeau demanded an acclamation of they candidate. more »

Haiti PM Jean Henri Ceant changes his mind about resigning

Candidat Jean-Henry Ceant di li pwal It's been reported that Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant has withdrawn his threat to resign after a group of Deputes put preassure on him to re-appoint the outgoing Ministre de la Pacification Aviol Fleurant in return for their vote to aprove him. more »

Haitian deputes go on vacation until January, Haiti is still without a government

Deputes Casting their vote - Haiti Chambre des Deputes On Monday September 11 2018, the Haitian deputes have gone on their vacation long vacation until January leaving behind a nominated prime minister, Jean Henry Ceant, who is not yet ratified, a republic without a government. more »

Did New Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant Resign before he even got started?

Haiti - Speech of President Jovenel Moise during the official presentation ceremony of new Prime Minister Henry Ceant (VIDEO) Two respected Haitian journalist confirm this news: New Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant has verbally submitted his resignation to president Jovenel Moise after a meeting some deputes who demand the return of Aviol Fleurant as Ministre de la Plannification or else. more »

Wilson Laleau: Haiti's current Political Regime does NOT facilitate Development

Laurent Lamothe - Wilson Laleau To develop a county, you have to do the most strategic things first, former Finance Minister Wilson Laleau said, but the Political Regime that currently exists in Haiti does NOT facilitate Development. Laleau Explains... more »

Haiti's government and state officials are getting whooped by technology

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog Nowadays, Any Haitian with a cheap smartphone can post anything he wants on the internet and send Haitian government and State officials and a panic attack. It's a fact... The Haitian government and State officials are getting whooped by technology and they are too stupid to fight back. more »

FLASH : Haiti - Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant has resigned

Haitian prime minister Jack Guy Lafontant making a precision during a press conference "I submitted my resignation to president Jovenel Moise before I came here," now former Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant said during his interpolation session inside the Chamber of Deputies, "and the president accepted my resignation." more »