Haiti Candidates for Depute

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Haiti Politics - Lionel Previlon, PHTK Candidate found Dead near Jovenel Moise's Vehicle

Lyonel Previllon, Candidat PHTK Desdunes Port-au-Prince Haiti - Lionel Previlon, a PHTK Candidate for depute, was found dead Wednesday, murdered with gunshot wounds, in Delmas 75 near president candidate Jovenel Moise's vehicle... more »

Haiti Elections Contestations - Jerry Tardieu says Results are Wrong

Haiti Elecitons - Jerry Tardieu Candidate Poster Haiti Elections Update - Jerry Tardieu, candidate for Depute of Petionville, challenges the results... According to the Proces Verbals he has on hand, Jerry Tardieu claims he should have been elected in the first round, he says... more »