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Haiti Elections - Andre Michel di: SOTE PONPE, Commission Verification an ap Kreye

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Elections Update - Dirijan opposition Andre Michel fè konnen gen yon commisison de verification electoral ki pwal kreye d'ici la semaine prochaine dapre rankont li ak President Privert... Andre Michel di: nou mèt SOTE PONPE, Commission Verification election an ap kreye kanmenm... more »

Haiti Transition, Cabinet Ministeriel - Andre Michel di: Nou nan problem Pi RED!

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Transition Update -- Premier Minis Fritz Jean devwale Cabinet Ministeriel li, dirijan Platfom JISTIS, Andre Michel di: Nou nan problem Pi RED... Li di plis toujou... more »

Haiti - Andre Michel Proposes Mirlande Manigat as Transition Prime Minister

Mirlande Manigat Haiti Transition Update --- Andre Michel's Platform JISTIS met with new Provisional president Jocelerme Privert at the National Palace Tuesday and propose Madame Mirlande Manigat as the next Prime Minister of Haiti... more »

Haiti - Andre Michel: Meeting with OEA is NOT an Option

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti political platfom JISTIS has decided NOT to participate in a meeting with the Organization of American States (OEA/OAS). Opposition leader Andre Michel says "The OEA plays a major role in the current political crisis in Haiti, they have no credibility, they are just here to MAKE MONEY with Martelly..." more »

Haiti Transition - Andre Michel says All Hell Will Break Loose After 07 Fevrier IF...

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Transition 2016 Update - Opposition leader Andre Michel says it is impossible for a transitional government to be installed after Martelly without the main actors in the opposition who fought in the streets to have a say in it otherwise all hell will break loose starting February 08... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Andre Michel says MANIFESTATION Tet Dwat on Election Weekend...

Andre Michel, Jovenel Moise, Desras Simon Dieuseul Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition Leader Andre Michel announces 4 days of Street Protests Friday, Saturday, Election-day Sunday, and Monday despite call by prime minister Evans Paul placing a ban on street protests on the eve of the 24 January elections... more »

Haiti - The MOBILIZATION will Continue, Andre Michel says

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti opposition leader Andre Michel says "The mobilization will continue until we BREAK DOWN the Coup d'Etat electoral and put in place a government of TRANSITION that will hold free and fair elections in the country" following the 18 Nov 2015 street protest... more »

Haiti - Andre Michel di: Li pi fasil pou peyi a kraze ke JOVENEL Moise prezidan

Andre Michel, Jovenel Moise, Desras Simon Dieuseul Tande sa... Lidè Opposition Andre Michel di li pi fasil pou peyi d'Haiti KRAZE ke Jovenel Moise vinn prezidan nan emission Ranmasse sou Radio Caraibes FM jounen Samedi 7 Novembre 2015 la... more »

Haiti - Andre Michel : Jovenel Moise has NOT ONE Chance in One THOUSAND to be President

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti "Pa gen YON Chans sou MIL pou Jovenel President," (There is note even ONE chance in one thousand for Jovenel to be president), This what opposition lawyer Andre Michel said to a Journalist at Radio Signal FM Tuesday... more »

Haiti Anti-election Group fear the Worst for Sunday Elections

Haiti Elections - Espace de Resistance Patriotique di PA VOTE, Rete Lakay Nou Haiti Elections Update - Anti-election group "Espace de Resistance Patriotique" claims Election-day Sunday, 25 October 2015, may lead to a bloodbath... Candidate for president Edmonde Supplice Beauzile who is a member of this group, asks the population to stay at home, do not go out to vote on that day... more »