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Haiti - Andre Michel : Jovenel Moise has NOT ONE Chance in One THOUSAND to be President

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti "Pa gen YON Chans sou MIL pou Jovenel President," (There is note even ONE chance in one thousand for Jovenel to be president), This what opposition lawyer Andre Michel said to a Journalist at Radio Signal FM Tuesday... more »

Haiti Anti-election Group fear the Worst for Sunday Elections

Haiti Elections - Espace de Resistance Patriotique di PA VOTE, Rete Lakay Nou Haiti Elections Update - Anti-election group "Espace de Resistance Patriotique" claims Election-day Sunday, 25 October 2015, may lead to a bloodbath... Candidate for president Edmonde Supplice Beauzile who is a member of this group, asks the population to stay at home, do not go out to vote on that day... more »

Haiti - There will be NO Elections 25 October, say National Front of Candidates

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog Haiti Elections Update -- The National front of Candidates claim that NO Elections will take place on 25 October 2015 as scheduled by the Electoral Council (CEP)... These protester candidates are calling for the annulment of the elections and the breakdown of the CEP... more »

Haiti Elections - Reunion Andre Michel, Steven Benoit ak lot Kandidat nan Kinam, Kijan sa te pase?

Alliance Politique Andre Michel ak Steven Benoit, Kiles k-ap benefisye? Haiti Elections Update -- Men kèk ti detay sou Reunion/Rankont ki te fèt nan Hotel KINAM ant Kandida Andre Michel, Steven Benoit ak lot Kandida ki te invite nan kad pou yo chwazi yon sèl Kandida ki pou ale nan election presidentiel nan mwa octobre la... more »

Haiti Elections - Andre Michel di le li President Haiti, ap gen 2 Secretaire d'Etat Selman

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Tande sa, Candidat Andre Michel di lè li President d'Haiti, ap gen 2 Secretaire d'Etat Selman, Secretaire D'etat Handicapés, Secrétaire d'Etat à la Sécurité Publique... more »

Haiti Elections - ARREST Laurent Lamothe, Andre Michel says...

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Presidential Candidate Andre Michel is not satisfied with the ejection of Laurent Lamothe from the list of Candidates, he wants MORE... Andre Michel wants Laurent Lamothe arrested... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe Candidacy Challenged by Platfom JISTIS

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at a Haitian Senate Hearing Haiti Election Update : Contestation -- Andre Michel's Platform JISTIS is challenging the candidacy of Laurent Lamothe for President on the basis that he has NO DECHARGE... Platform coordinator Jean Nazaire Tidé submitted the complaint against Lamothe to the Electoral Council (CEP). more »

Haiti Elections - Platfom JISTIS says Sophia Martelly cannot run for Senator...

Sophia Martelly Kandida pou Senateur Departement l'Ouest Haiti political platform JISTIS complains about the candidacy of First Lady Sophia Martelly for Senator because she is an American national she does not have a "decharge" (clearance certificate) from her post managing state money... more »

Haiti Elections - Radical Opposition slowly Approaching Election Train...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly sou Train li, Mirlande Manigat ak Moise Jean Charles kanpe nan mitan wout li... In Haiti, not long ago, the RADICAL political oppositon said: "NO Elections with Martelly!" Suddenly they seem to be moving closer to the election train... The opposition have two choices to make and fast: "YES Elections with Martelly" OR... Be left out of the election Choo Choo Train... Here is what opposition leaders are saying now? more »

Haiti - Lamothe Resignation: Too Little Too Late for President Martelly, says Andre Michel

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Following the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, political Activist attorney Andre Michel says "Too little Too late... President Michel Martelly MUST GO... This is the WILL of the people..." more »