Andre Michel

Haiti Manifestation - Andre Michel wants to START the street protests in Petionville from now on

Haitian political activist Andre Michel says: "If our street protests cannot reach Petionville then we will start our street protests in Petionville.

Haiti: Dessalines would be proud of Street Protests on October 17, Andre Michel said

According to Haitian political activist Andre Michel, a major street protest on October 17 is more geared towards the ideals of Jean Jacques Dessalines than going to Pont Rouge bringing flowers to commemorate his death.

Haiti Manifestation - Andre Michel announces Manifestations in many Parts of the Country

Haitian opposition lawyer Andre Michel announces a series of street protests in many parts of the country in a press conference Monday by the new formed "coalition des organisations démocratiques"

Haiti Budget: Andre Michel says President Jovenel Moise has 2 Choices

When it comes the budget, Andre Michel says President Jovenel has two choices: The path to that leads Confrontation or the path that leads to Understating.

Haiti Politics : What happened to all the 'Famous' OPPOSITION leaders?

What happened to these famous Haitian opposition leaders: tag Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Andre Michel, Assad Volcy, Rony Timothée, what are they up to???

Haiti Elections - Andre Michel Tells Govt Open a Bank Account so Haitians can Pour Money in to Finance Elections...

Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition leader Andre Michel has a Genius idea: The Government should open a bank account at BNC and the People Haiti should pour money in to finance the elections... COOL...

Haiti Elections - Andre Michel di: SOTE PONPE, Commission Verification an ap Kreye

Haiti Elections Update - Dirijan opposition Andre Michel fè konnen gen yon commisison de verification electoral ki pwal kreye d'ici la semaine prochaine dapre rankont li ak President Privert... Andre Michel di: nou mèt SOTE PONPE, Commission Verification election an ap kreye kanmenm...

Haiti Transition, Cabinet Ministeriel - Andre Michel di: Nou nan problem Pi RED!

Haiti Transition Update -- Premier Minis Fritz Jean devwale Cabinet Ministeriel li, dirijan Platfom JISTIS, Andre Michel di: Nou nan problem Pi RED... Li di plis toujou...

Haiti - Andre Michel Proposes Mirlande Manigat as Transition Prime Minister

Haiti Transition Update --- Andre Michel's Platform JISTIS met with new Provisional president Jocelerme Privert at the National Palace Tuesday and propose Madame Mirlande Manigat as the next Prime Minister of Haiti...

Haiti - Andre Michel: Meeting with OEA is NOT an Option

Haiti political platfom JISTIS has decided NOT to participate in a meeting with the Organization of American States (OEA/OAS). Opposition leader Andre Michel says "The OEA plays a major role in the current political crisis in Haiti, they have no credibility, they are just here to MAKE MONEY with Martelly..."