Andre Michel

Haiti Opposition : Andre Michel and his 'secteur democratique' make a comeback after the gas price riots

Haitian lawyer turned political activist Andre Michel and his 'secteur démocratique et populaire' are making a comeback after the violent protests that erupted in the country following the increase in gas prices.

Mesye O... Sanble Opposition politique Haiti a mouri tout bon vre!

Nous annonçons avec infiniment de peine, la triste nouvelle de la mort de l'opposition en Haiti, decede en 2018 apres in maladie de pouvoir courageusement suporté LOL...

Haiti Manifestation - Andre Michel wants to START the street protests in Petionville from now on

Haitian political activist Andre Michel says: "If our street protests cannot reach Petionville then we will start our street protests in Petionville.

Haiti: Dessalines would be proud of Street Protests on October 17, Andre Michel said

According to Haitian political activist Andre Michel, a major street protest on October 17 is more geared towards the ideals of Jean Jacques Dessalines than going to Pont Rouge bringing flowers to commemorate his death.

Haiti Manifestation - Andre Michel announces Manifestations in many Parts of the Country

Haitian opposition lawyer Andre Michel announces a series of street protests in many parts of the country in a press conference Monday by the new formed "coalition des organisations démocratiques"

Haiti Budget: Andre Michel says President Jovenel Moise has 2 Choices

When it comes the budget, Andre Michel says President Jovenel has two choices: The path to that leads Confrontation or the path that leads to Understating.

Haiti Politics : What happened to all the 'Famous' OPPOSITION leaders?

What happened to these famous Haitian opposition leaders: tag Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Andre Michel, Assad Volcy, Rony Timothée, what are they up to???

Haiti Elections - Andre Michel Tells Govt Open a Bank Account so Haitians can Pour Money in to Finance Elections...

Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition leader Andre Michel has a Genius idea: The Government should open a bank account at BNC and the People Haiti should pour money in to finance the elections... COOL...

Haiti Elections - Andre Michel di: SOTE PONPE, Commission Verification an ap Kreye

Haiti Elections Update - Dirijan opposition Andre Michel fè konnen gen yon commisison de verification electoral ki pwal kreye d'ici la semaine prochaine dapre rankont li ak President Privert... Andre Michel di: nou mèt SOTE PONPE, Commission Verification election an ap kreye kanmenm...

Haiti Transition, Cabinet Ministeriel - Andre Michel di: Nou nan problem Pi RED!

Haiti Transition Update -- Premier Minis Fritz Jean devwale Cabinet Ministeriel li, dirijan Platfom JISTIS, Andre Michel di: Nou nan problem Pi RED... Li di plis toujou...