Fact: The right to protest overrides all other rights of the people of Haiti

Red Alert... Millions of people in Haiti who are NOT protesting in the streets are taken hostage by those who are claiming their constitutional right to protest, as if the rest of us have no constitutional right to live in peace.

In Haiti, one group of people say "the constitution gives us the right to protest" and with that single right they have turned the lives of the rest of the people of Haiti, who are not protesting, into a living hell.

Living in Haiti these days, you are sequestered against your will unless you are in the streets protesting against the president.

Sadly, no one is talking about this. The right to protest is not a right to sequester a population.

This is what is happening in Haiti right now. And if anyone is telling you otherwise, they are lying to you.

Why are human rights organizations in Haiti not saying anything about that?

The human rights of the people of Haiti are being violated. The people of Haiti are locked up against their will and this is not good.

Human rights organizations in Haiti are so quick to talk about protesters who are beaten by the police but they say nothing about all the unlucky children of Haiti stuck at home unable to go to school, about all the store owners who are unable to replenish their shelves, about the sick people in Haiti who cannot go to the hospital, or about all the ordinary citizens who cannot get to where want to go simply because certain groups are exercising their single right to protest.

This is not good!

This is really bad!

Growing up in the United States, I used to honk my car horn all the time on my way to work in support of a group of American citizens protesting against some issue on the sidewalk. They would raise signs "honk if you support us!"

But the protesters would stand on the sidewalk. They were not running in the middle of the street preventing me and the rest of the people from getting to work, or going about their business. they would not prevent my children from going to school.

In The United States, you can protest against in institution but you cannot prevent customers from entering or leaving that institution.

Protesters in the United States do not burn tires on the roads built with taxpayers money. They do not cut down trees and ties cables across the street to prevent the rest of the people from going about their business.

Worse, in the United States, like in all other democratic countries, protesters do not ransom other citizens in order to let them through barricades, only to get stuck on the next barricade for ransom.

This is what is happening in Haiti right now. I know because it happened to me personally.

Barricades in Haiti is big business. In many of these barricaded streets, you have to pay money to get trough.

If you listen to Haitian radio, you will know this for a fact. Even former senator Annacasis Jean Hector complained about this recently because he had to pay money to get to Port-au-Prince from his the outskirts of Jacmel where he lives.

Believe me, I want the Haitian government to do something about this. But honestly, what I think they should do to stop it is definitely unconstitutional.

Suivez mon regard!

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Belpolitik says...

Alerte Rouge ...

Des millions de personnes en Haïti qui ne manifestent PAS dans les rues sont prises en otage par ceux qui revendiquent leur droit constitutionnel de manifester, comme si le reste d'entre nous n'avait aucun droit constitutionnel de vivre en paix.

En Haïti, un groupe de personnes déclare que "la constitution nous donne le droit de manifester" et, avec ce droit unique, a transformé la vie du reste de la population haïtienne, qui ne protestait pas, en un enfer vivant.

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Subject: Fact: The right to protest overrides all other rights of the people of Haiti edit

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