Is the resignation of a President the magic stick that will make the country so much better?

A lot of people in Haiti are getting on the "President Jovenel must resign boat" but, I am looking at the boat and I notice there is no life raft in it.

What do I mean by life raft?

There is an opposition in Haiti that is so divided they couldn't even beat Jovenel Moise in the last elections, held twice, because almost every leader of that opposition ran for president instead of uniting under one candidate.

In Haiti right now, we have the "aile dur de l'opposition" (the hard opposition), there is the "opposition modéré", we have the petro challengers, we have a bunch of rich people in opposition for their own hidden selfish secret financial agenda.

We have elected officials whose terms are about to expire, and they want to stay in power one owan or the other.

Each and everyone of them have their own hidden secret agenda.

What if Jovenel Moise were to leave today?

Have you asked yourself that question and have you given yourself an honest answer?

Do you think food prices will go down?

Will Haiti suddenly have gasoline and diesel "a gogo"?

There will be no more fights for power ever again in Haiti?

What exactly do you think is going to happen?

The same people who are now screaming for a tabula raza of "the system" will all join hands "form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to the people of Haiti and their Posterity"?

So that's what do you think will happen?

Like my old friend Ed Lozama used to say in his morning radio show in Miami:


Have a nice day!

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Frednel Etienne says...

It is a stressful situation!
In a country where a group of fox are only thinking about themselves in return causing thousands of lives to loose, they don't even have the guts to think of even children in the country but all see is filling their pockets as they continue to watch the country suffer.

It's even more ridiculous to know that is those that have the ability to do something (or at least to come together and discuss a reformation strategy that'll benefit the country as

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Paul Dja says...


Éxuzé'm tan pri !
Moin pa di ke moin ékri an AYISYIN ki doé ranplasé kreyòl-la.
Ansuit gin 2 ou 3 fòt tipo: éxanple "ouè" olyé de "uoè".

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Paul Dja says...

Ou pozé yon bon kèksyon é ou fè yon bon konstatasyon.

Menm si JOJO kaptène bato-a kité bato-a pa gin okène moune nan ékipaj-la (Prèskil ak Dyaspora-yo) ki kapab chanjé kwakseswa.

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Subject: Is the resignation of a President the magic stick that will make the country so much better? edit

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