Resultats: Haiti Elections Legislatives 1er Tour (Unofficial)

Mezanmi... Haitiens, Cher Compatriotes, amize nou ak resulta elections Senatoriales sa yo toujou... Sit KEP a an pann, moun paka jwen resulta officiel yo jiska prezan.. Men sa nou jwen sou rezo social yo... Resulta pou tout Senatè elections 09 Aout 2015 la...

RESULTA: Haiti Elections Legislatives 1er Tour



LIDE, Jean Renel Sénatus, 27,63%
VERITE, Antonio Cheramy dit Don Kato, 15,70%
VERITE, Alix Fils-aimé, 6,52%
Plateforme Pitit Dessalines, Jean Myrtho Muraille, 5,86%


Ayiti Ann Aksyon, Youri Latortue, 26,90%
KID, Carl Murat Cantave, 10,41%
AAA, Jean Willy Jean Baptiste, 10,30%
Inite Patriyotik, Levaillant Louis Jeune, 6.70%


PHTK, Richard Lenine Hervé Fourcand, 13.13%
OPL, Jean-Marie Junior Salomon, 11.28%
VERITE, Yvon Buissereth, 11%
Fanmi Lavalas, Pierre Francky Excius, 9.07%

Because the CEP is screwing around with publishing the election results, we are still relying on speculation and elections results unofficial lists...

Looking at this list, 40 Senators are going to the second rounds of the elections, there are NO first round winners.

Ones an official list becomes available we we will let you know...

What do you thinks?

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Henri C Raymond says...

Presidents ; fè yon bel

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Lovens Genelien says...

Élections! C'est

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Yves Charlemagne says...

Seeing as the result that you are publishing is true, my country is going no where.

Another 25 years missed.

How comes it is always them, they did good job during tge 49th

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