Haiti Elections - NO APOLOGIES from the Electoral Council (CEP)

Can you believe this? The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) comes out in a press conference to tells the media AND the people of Haiti to go online for election results... It's 8:53pm, their web site is still down and NO ONE from the CEP has said a word... Not on Twitter, Not on Facebook, Not even on Haitian Radio... WOW...

Haiti CEP - KEP
Haiti CEP - KEP

KREYOL: Mesye o... Haiti Elections - O Mwen KEP a te ka poste yon "I am Sorry" (DEZOLE) sou Facebook oswa Twitter poutèt sit entènèt yo a anpann jiskaprezan apre yo te di ni laprès, ni pèp la, y-ap jwen rezulta yo online... O mwens yo te ka poste email yon PDF bay laprès... sof si se ekspre yo fè...

The Haitian Media has been criticizing the CEP since 5:30 pm when then announced that the results are online. It's almost 4 hours later and the site is still down.

What do you think about that?

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