President Martelly Speech About Resignation of Prime Minister Conille

Haiti President Michel Martelly addressed the nation regarding the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille. Here is the transcript...

Haiti President Elect Michel Martelly At The US State Department

My fellow Haitians

This morning, Prime Minister Gary Connille submitted to me to his letter of resignation, I accepted it. I take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment. Of course, I regret that the resignation occurs at a time where where the country is beginning to move forward.

But I want to reassure you, I have already contacted the Speakers of both Houses, who had already received a copy of this letter. We're committed to harmonize our efforts for a quick exit from this situation and I propose a new prime minister.

To both domestic and foreign partners who want to invest in the country and create jobs, I ask them to remain calm. All arrangements were made for the state to meet its commitments vis- -vis the population.

The Executive and Parliament are working to strengthen their relationship, as we should, already putting together an immediate exit out of this crisis.

My fellow Haitians, you know you can count on me, as I can count on you.

I made you promises, I will respect them. Like it or not, the victory belongs to the people.

Thank you.

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Joseph says...

monel lets not forget that the people in haiti put him there not you and me because we here in the united state living a good life compare to those in haiti all we have to do is accept the people choice and live with

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Monel says...

Mr Janvier Jacques, there is any chance we cav give a paranoiac like Martely who no respect for Haitian people.That enough Martely in his last minute to get out the power.

First level, this government have lot of scandals like corruption, thieves,drugs.If you remember the miniter of foreign affairs Mr Laurent Lamothe said the Colombian don't need visas now to enter haiti.why after one month later, DEA got the biggest cocain's seised since 2007.More than 30 tons of cocains was seised last week by DEA and national's police.

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Janvier Jacques says...

it's too early to be deceived from political strategic martelly and to be confident from his committments.

he's just started, give him his chance.


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John says...

Conile tro prop poul ta vinn ou kinbe yon post tankou primie minis Haiti kote magouy pa jam pran

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Democratic Action says...

The real cause behind the resignation remain questionable, Investigation about possible massive fraud from the Preval-Bellerive administration, unwillingness from the executive to share power with the prime minister, the hipocrisy used by the high rank officials in the dual citizenship investigation clearly demonstrated Dr Conille departure was inevitable.

Sadly haitians have to swim under all those political trash mixed with all sorts of ti sachet dlo, boutey tampico including (lasciviousness).

Haiti will land a journey toward an unstable government for a while, wait and see some haitians will blame other nations for their misfortunes.Like it or not that's the result of our immoral

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Ronald Altieri says...


It seems as if you have stumbled across something that the whole world would want to know about.


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Rodrigue says...

Do you mean that Haiti is on a path toward disaster with Michel Martelly anti democratic derives while he, his relatives and friends are looting the public funds.

Just few days ago Martelly and his gang put large sum of monies on the offshore banks in Panama and

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Etienne says...

It appears the Haiti is finally on a path foward.

I just hope and pray that President Martelly and the Leaders of both Houses will work together to resolve this crisis quickly.

Now is not the time to create any doubts in current and potential investors and ongoing reconstruction projects.

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